Great news! In Ophthalmology Group, a new unique diagnostic equipment appeared spectral optical coherent tomograph REVONX (OCTOPOL technology). OCT has become so simple as ever! The new software REVONX meets all the requirements of everyday modern ophthalmic practice. The new angiographic module improves diagnostic accuracy with minimal fatigue for the patient. The largest scanning speed available in the world allows for more detailed examinations, reducing scanning time. This provides benefits for both doctors and patients, reducing the number of errors that often cause reflective eye movement. The noise reduction technology gives you the smallest detail that has been shown to play an important role in detecting diseases in the early stages.

The cost of the study of the OST of the macular area and the optic nerve head is 350 UAH, the EAST of the anterior eye 200 UAH. Record by phone. 0800 400 808.

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