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Volok Sergey Ivanovich

Doctor-ophthalmologist of the highest category

34 years of experience

– ophthalmologist of the highest category
– experience of more than 34 years

He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Institute with a degree in General Medicine. He worked as head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional phthisio-ophthalmological center.

About the doctor

Was born in 1961, in 1984 graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Institute with specialization “General Medicine”.

1984-1985 – he studied in internship.

1985- 2008 worked as an ophthalmologist, than became a head of department of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Phthisio-Ophthalmology center. The thematic priorities in that period:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of severe inflammatory eye diseases, including ophthalmotuberculosis.

2. Development and introduction of new diagnostic and treatment methods of choroid and cornea severe inflammatory diseases.

a) complex etiological uveitis ‘ diagnostic on the bases of intradermal test with offending agent of microorganism and immunoassay results;

b) providing of extracorporal methods of uveitis ‘ treatment (in particular irradiated blood autotransfusion by ultraviolet);

c) using of laser coagulation for chorioretinitis treatment, aimed to accelerate the inflammatory conditions stabilization and prophylaxis of secondary infection.

The results of treatment and introduction of new methods diagnosis and treatment were generalized in publishing works and reported at the ophthalmologic conferences.

2008 – present time he is head of Ophthalmologic Department No1 of “Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital”

Current thematic priorities:

1. Development and implementation of new diagnostic methods and treatment of severe corneal diseases of different etiology.

2. Patient’s preparation to different kinds of keratoplasty and postsurgical care of those patients.

3. Treatment of severe chemical and thermal eye burns.

4. Surgical facial aftercare of patient with anophthalmic syndrome and prevention of this syndrome development in patients who according to medical indications, need to remove the eye using implantation, in particular through the use of liner implantation – orbital implant.

5. In cooperation with neurosurgeons and maxillo-facial surgeons of Regional Clinical Hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov, it was developed an algorithm for interval surgical repair and medical rehabilitation of patients with recurrent lagophthalmos associated with paresis of facial nerve of different etiology.

6. In cooperation with endocrinologists, it was developed an algorithm for early diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation of patients with autoimmune ophthalmopathy associated with thyroid pathology aimed to control a nasty form of autoimmune ophthalmopathy tending to permanent visual function ’s losses.

The results of treatment and introduction of new methods of Diagnosis and Management were analyzed and summarized and published in the International and Ukrainian Ophthalmological magazines, reported at the Ukrainian and International Ophthalmology conferences.

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